Focus Group

During our recent meetings 13 focus groups have formed to facilitate discussions and the sharing of ideas about specific breath-related topics. During IABR 2019 in Leicestershire our focus groups will meet, plan future collaborations, and reflect on research progress.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in these focus groups and if you have a topic that you want to include in these dialogues please contact the appropriate chair

Topic Chair
Standardisation Wolfram Miekisch, Jonathan Beauchamp
Clinical applications of breath testing Raed Dweik
Exhaled breath condensate (EBC) and aerosols Alison Montpetit
Engineering/sensors Cristina Davis
High-resolution mass spectrometry Joachim Pleil
Human exposome and toxicity studies Michael Madden
In vitro metabolome Jane Hill
Medical diagnosis based on the use of stable isotopes Anil Modak
Oral metabolome Vacancy
Perioperative and critical care Nandor Marczin
Real-time spectrometry and spectroscopy Patrik Španěl
The human volatalome Norman Ratcliffe
Veterinary studies and animal models Petra Reinhold